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First Round of Beta Has Begun

Little Inferno DisketteThank you, volunteers! The first (small) round of beta invites have gone out! Make sure you also check your email’s spam folder, as our naughty mail program loves to hang out with the spam and unsavory types.

For this first round, our Selection Bot weighted its selections heavily towards players who also volunteered to help translate into other languages, and are also running Windows natively. He’s not the smartest bot, yet, though, so if your welcome mail has not arrived, do no fret. More rounds are coming up very soon.


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16 Responses to “First Round of Beta Has Begun”

  1. MOM4Evr says:


    Love you guys. I’ll start filming my LP of it immediately. And uploading unlisted, don’t worry.


    • Kyle Gabler says:

      Hey guys, please don’t post video of the game, even unlisted, until it’s widely released on Nov. 18. Even unlisted links have a habit of getting out early. Thanks for being part of the beta!

      • MOM4Evr says:

        Ok, I won’t upload yet then. No worries!

        I think I found a physics glitch that only happened once. Would an unlisted or private ~20 sec vid be ok to showcase that, or would an email attachment or something else be better?


        • Kyle Gabler says:

          If it’s sent only to Tomorrow Corporation Headquarters, any method should be fine. Sticking on dropbox and sending a link would also work!

  2. Bloo says:

    Oh well, I guess I’ll wait for beta round 2.

  3. Gyle Kabler says:

    I wish I lied and said I could translate.

  4. Random Oil Man says:

    I sent a very long thought process of my entire experience with the game via email, but to anyone who is reading this who has not got the beta yet, or is waiting for the full game upon release… you sirs/madams are in for a visually, atmospherically and gameplay wise totally unique and constantly entertaining, amusing, profound and surprising gaming experience.
    Just thought you ought to know…

  5. Sharkey says:

    Pick me! Pick me! I don’t even have recording software 🙂

  6. Skyslashk says:

    Oh, didn’t got in :c

  7. puggsoy says:

    I got in.

    I am so, so happy.

    • Smort says:

      Think this game could beat WoG?

      • Random Oil Man says:

        I’m not quite sure what you mean by this Smort. They are two completely different games. Practically entirely different universes in terms of gameplay. And although the art style and humor is recognizable from World of Goo, it’s working on a different level and wavelength because of how very different the games are in every other sense (atmospheric, gameplay and overall feel and experience). I don’t think the game has set out to “beat” World of Goo in any regard, but more to set a new milestone for quality of experimental gaming experiences (also, this isn’t 2D Boy… it’s Tomorrow Corporation, know your Venn Diagrams!).

        • Random Oil Man says:

          If you’re talking in sales and reviews then I too have been puzzling over this since completing the beta. On one hand I see it as more universal than World of Goo, but on a rather simplistic and pyromaniac level, but on the other hand I see it as an experience that not all those who play it will enjoy to the same extent as World of Goo because of… well… because of how different and experimental it is (even relative to World of Goo). I think sales, as with a large portion of indie games, will be determined by advertising, word of mouth and reviews, and the reviewers can never really be truly predicted. I loved it, and looking over some of the old World of Goo reviews, I can see many of the same sentences being used again for Little Inferno “This is something special”, “brilliant, stunning, and ridiculously fun”, “so stunningly designed, so beautifully illustrated, so precisely programmed, and so completely adorable” and of course “they’re going to realize what a murderously high standard they’ve set for themselves, and run away forever”.

  8. David Amador says:

    I thought people who pre-ordered would get access to the beta.
    Guess I was wrong, no email so far =(

  9. darn.. when will the next round come out?