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Race Across the Galaxy in: The Captain

Monday, August 30th, 2021

ATTENTION ALL CITIZENS OF THE INTERNET: We are thrilled to announce that Tomorrow Corporation is publishing The Captain, an excellent comedy adventure game by our very talented friends, Peter and Benny, at Sysiac Games.

Who is the Captain?
You play as Captain Thomas Welmu, a Spacefleet science officer, lost on the other side of the galaxy. Dark forces are en route to Earth to destroy our planet – and you are carrying the only thing that can stop them.

Race back home across the galaxy. Collect new friends on your journey. Make new enemies. You won’t be able to save everyone. Who will you leave behind? Which civilizations will you save – or destroy – along the way? The decisions are all up to you.

You areā€¦ The Captain!

We’re Looking For Beta Testers and Volunteer Translators!

You can find more images, info, and pre-order The Captain HERE for a chance to participate in the beta. Speak a non-English language? As with our own titles, we’re also looking for brave volunteer translators – especially for French, German, Italian, and Russian!

If you’re interested in translating, please fill out this survey. As always, volunteer translators will be included in the game’s credits and will be contacted for future Tomorrow Corporation projects.

I’d like to keep an eye on The Captain on my Platform of Choice!

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