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Beta Survey for Potential Beta Players Filtering Time

PR RepresentativeTo help our lovely Beta Selection Bot select the first few rounds of beta testers, PLEASE CHOOSE WISELY:

CHOICE 1: I already pre-ordered and I would totally like to beta test Little Inferno, and I also understand that beta testing involves actually playing a game that’s not 100% ready, and not just a sneaky way to get the game early, jsut telL ME WHAT TO DO NOW NOW NOW!!!

CHOICE 2: Maybe? How do I pre-order so I can click the first option?

CHOICE 3: The above do not apply to me, but I would still like to click on something please.


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32 Responses to “Beta Survey for Potential Beta Players Filtering Time”

  1. momo1526 says:

    Yessss! I really want to try the beta, help make this game awesomer, and help translate in French, and ohboyohboyohboyohboy!!! (hoping deeply to get selected for beta program)

  2. Gabriel says:


    Great news!!!

    Je peux aussi aider à traduire le jeu en français!!!

    • momo1526 says:

      Après il faut voir sa avec Kyle. *translation* We’d have to see that with Kyle (wether we can help translate or not). If we were to translate, the team could send us the text and we could correct each other as we go along translating.

      • momo1526 says:

        Also, I’m at an International school, so I have a lot of friends fluent in various languages including spanish, portugese, italian, german, russian, and a few others. So if help is needed for that, I’d be glad to help.

  3. MOM4Evr says:

    Flip yes.

    Oh, and minor detail with the form. I’m not sure why “If you do speak a non-english language, would you be interested in helping us translate Little Inferno?” is required, since not everyone speaks a non-English language. Just a heads-up.

  4. Albino Pokey says:

    DO WANT! 😀

  5. AFGordian says:

    I wanted to preorder, but I was afraid I would spoil the game when I play it upon the release of the Wii U. Is this a problem likely to happen if I beta test it?

    • Kyle Gabler says:

      Yes, beta testers WILL see the end. If you don’t want to spoil the game until it’s absolutely final and ready, beta testing might not be for you.

      • Ryan D. says:

        Thanks for the heads up! I was also initially planning on signing up for the beta until I found out that it’d spoil the game for me. But hey, Little Inferno should be releasing really soon, right? 😀

  6. Random Oil Man says:

    For beta testers (which I would love to be, but if not, there are still Youtube pages of kittens) will there be a forum set up for reporting bugs etc? Or is it not that sort of beta?

    • Kyle Gabler says:

      There will be some way to communicate, yes. Still not sure if it will be a simple email list, or a forum. Anyone have a preference?

  7. Random Oil Man says:

    A forum might reduce the number of identical emails (aka, the same bugs being reported to you over and over again… if there are any of course). Also a forum would be nice as a place for people to discuss and talk about the game with others who are also playing it (the indirect feedback you get through people talking about the game with each other is surely invaluable), or else it might lead to posts being put in here, potentially spoiling etc.
    A forum also provides you with a greater ability to contact the beta testing community as a whole and respond to individual posts that probably speak for a large number of people.
    Another thing that kinda sets a forum above emails is that it’s just a more friendly and less solitary way about doing it.
    But that’s just my point of view…

    • Kyle Gabler says:

      Oh I was thinking an old style email list where everyone sees everyone else’s emails. Would that be welcome? Too spammy? (It’s much much easier to maintain than a forum!)

  8. Random Oil Man says:

    Haha, well, whatever requires you to put less effort into maintaining so you can put more effort in the game is fine by me.
    But yeah, if you can see what everyone’s emails then I don’t see the disadvantage, the only thing lost is the direct communication between players, but that’s not quintessential in a beta anyway, especially not this one cos I’m sure everyone is gonna love it.
    I guess forums are more important with alphas than betas because gameplay can still change, whereas (I am assuming) this is basically finished (although not 100% finalised).
    So a good old email list seems like the logical step now, and if done right and not abused by beta players, it shouldn’t be too spammy at all.
    I welcome it! But once again… this is just me speaking.

  9. Will says:

    How about something like Piazza?

    It’s mainly used for classes/teachers but is open to anyone and would be perfect for this purpose.

  10. Jaime Alexander A. C says:

    Option 3 ha ha. I speak spanish

  11. puggsoy says:

    I would opt for a forum mostly because then testers can communicate and discuss things. It would also allow them to try and reproduce bugs others find, and multiple tests of the same thing might give a better insight into why it’s happening.

    However if that isn’t needed then emailing would be fine by me.

  12. Soneghet says:

    Option 3, I’d love to be a Beta Tester and if I had the money I’d preorder the game.

    And in my opinion, a forum would be more helpful and easy to handle.

  13. Random Oil Man says:

    Any ideas of when the first round of betas will be initiated? Or are you just playing it by how many sign up by a certain point in time?

    • momo1526 says:

      My guess would be pretty soon because the game is coming out in just a month and has to be ready for those whow preordered in 3 weeks so right now I’m on my toes 😀

  14. Random Oil Man says:

    Yeah. I keep checking my emails, the facebook page and this website each morning going “Today could be the day… no. No it’s not.” Haha.

  15. momo1526 says:

    Testing the beta now, it’s SOOOOO awesooome!!!

  16. Gabriel says:

    Just received my beta key!!!


  17. Random Oil Man says:

    Just starting my second play-through now…

  18. Gabriel says:

    Just finished the game!

  19. Alex Kincaid says:

    Hello Tomorrow Corporation I recently saw a video from NerdCubed on youtube of him playing a bit of your game, he recommended we viewers check it out, i notice you do not yet have a mac version. I myself play on an imac and would be very willing if possible to participate in a beta for said system. Thank you and have a good day.

  20. Andrew Awesomepants says:

    i would love to do the beta testing for mac