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New Gameplay Trailer! (And early Beta builds now open to everyone.)

The second Little Inferno trailer is ready! Gently raise your fire poker and tap the above button to view it. As we prepare to launch on November 18 on Wii U and PC, here are some updates:

  • You can now pre-purchase Little Inferno on Steam at 10% off until launch day. This will get you the final beta version to play with immediately.
  • You can also pre-purchase Little Inferno right here on our own site which will also get you the final beta version to play with immediately, as well as a small preview of the soundtrack, and a Steam key.
  • A huge thanks to our volunteers, Little Inferno is now translated into French, Spanish, German, and Dutch. (The Wii U version in North America is currently English only, but will be updated as soon as we can.) Check the credits in the game to view the names of our adventurous volunteers.


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36 Responses to “New Gameplay Trailer! (And early Beta builds now open to everyone.)”

  1. MOM4Evr says:

    For those of you wanting gameplay, it doesn’t get much clearer than this. 😉

    Good luck on your launch, guys!

  2. Dadou says:

    Hey guys, just bought the game on Steam and having a blast at it!
    Just one question, why is it in french? 😛
    I know I live in France, but I set the Steam language to be in English, and every single game is in English except this one 😛

  3. KyleGray says:

    Hey Dadou – you can change your language to english (or any of the other 5 languages our amazing translators localized) by going to your settings:

    C:\Users\[username]\AppData\Roaming\Little Inferno\

    And setting the language from “system” to “en.”

    Other codes are “fr”, “de”, “nl”, and “es”.

  4. JonSilva says:

    Release window for Mac/Linux release please?

  5. meonfire says:

    hi ho 🙂

    i found this gem today .. awesome so far 🙂
    instant buy @ steam 🙂

    i just request 1 thing .. please insert a language selection ingame
    its kinda pain in the arse that you cant choose that .. i want to play it original (english)

    @kylegray .. thanks ill try this till players are able to do so ingame 🙂

  6. Miscellaneous says:

    I preordered, but did not get beta; I was wondering if that could be taken care of. 🙂 Thanks~

  7. Jim says:

    Well hopefully their is more to the game. Its nice to know its from the developers of World of Goo but I have to tell ya, not much going on with this game or your doing a horrible job of explaining what it will actually do. Mystery is nice, but not when it comes to buying things. Needs more info before I will consider it no matter who the developer is. If that is pretty much it? Just burning toys in a fireplace………..then I have to tell ya, Im passing.

    • MOM4Evr says:

      There is more to the game, but it’d be spoilers if we told you about it. It’s also an excruciatingly difficult game to explain what it’s about. In my opinion, they’ve done an extremely good job explaining it so far. Long story short, you’re majorly missing out if you don’t get this game. It’s just as good as World of Goo if not better.

      • chibi-robo says:

        I have enjoyed the game but don’t feel it will be as praised as World of Goo, I love the atmosphere created in Little Inferno, the illustrations and sound design are great but game play wise it is lacking, there is no challenge or strategy needed, it hints at it with ice and animated tools but these are never needed, it doesn’t matter how you place the pieces in the fire as there are no penalties or struggle in the game. To add some challenge I’ve been having a go at playing through in one sitting without letting the fire go out and it is quite tricky hopefully this is a steam achievement.

        I understand it is not a sequel to World of Goo but when it has a similar artistic style and type of mysterious/poetic narrative it is hard not to compare the two and overall I’m a little disappointed.

  8. theFlash says:

    Awesome! Whos getting a Wii U this Sunday or holiday?!

    What do you guys mean by drug reference?

  9. Dadou says:

    OK guys, enjoying the beta like a champ.
    Just one qestion: What’s so beta about it?
    It all works flawlessly 😛
    If I really have to ask for something though, it’s a cool looking mouse cursor for the game, as I don’t think the Windows one really first here!

    • puggsoy says:

      I think since it’s the final beta, it’s just a final check to see if any small bugs or hitch ups were missed.

      Something I would like to suggest though: a demo version, letting you access only the first catalogue? It would let people see what the game is like, and if they want more they can buy the full game. I think this would help a lot with peoples’ uncertainty in buying the game, and give them a good grip of what it is, while not completely spoiling it (not any more than the trailer).

  10. James says:

    Love your guy’s work! For sure getting this on Wii U! 😀

  11. I can translate interface to russian, if you send an XML with texts. Also as reviewer of iOS games I’m interested in answer to my question: Have you any plan to port new game to Apple Devices(iPhone, iPad, not only Mac)?

  12. Slava says:

    Kyle, do you plan make iOS version of the Little Inferno? It will perfect on touch devices. How soon?

  13. Kenny D. says:

    Just finished the beta. Loved it!

    Will the soundtrack be available for people who pre-ordered the game once it officially launches?

    • Kyle Gabler says:

      Thanks! We’ll certainly release the soundtrack in some form, but not sure how or when yet.

  14. Macattack1459 says:

    Hey, I bought the steam beta and I just finished the game. I really enjoyed it and although some may dislike it for its lack of challenge or strategy I found it to be very unique in that sense. It creates an intriguing sandbox style gameplay but still directs the player toward the next goal or objective. This is perhaps the most polished beta I have ever played I encountered no bugs or glitches (other then the ones that are supposed to be there) and found the storyline engaging and entertaining. Thank you for creating yet another extraordinary game!

  15. meonfire says:

    its very entertaining 🙂

    iam @ issue #5 right now

    may anyone tell me the cold war combo ?
    its the last one that ill have to figure out till issue #6

    would be nice thanks 🙂

  16. ScreamingNarwhal says:

    I preordered a while ago and just finished the beta. We still get Steam keys right? Do we just get those when the final game is released or can I not just find them? Thanks :p

  17. THLoh says:

    I’m gonna be honest. It is much less interesting than World of Goo, finished it in 4 hours. Gives some meaning of life, but then again that’s like the last 5 mins of the game. I recon this game should be at $5, not $15. For $15, I’m expecting “World of Goo” quality game.

  18. rob says:

    Looks great!

    Are you planning on releasing this on Windows 8 RT? Would be killer for the Surface!

  19. themacmeister says:

    I refuse to purchase this product, or any other product by Kyle, due to his ignorance regarding the profanity pack for World of Goo pre-orders.

    • Kyle Gabler says:

      Hi themacmeister, is this regarding 2DBOY mentioning “Profanity Pack” (where all the characters “curse like sailors”) as a feature and then delaying it for all eternity?

      This was a tough call, but we eventually made the artistic decision that the mod (basically the sounds from the original Tower of Goo prototype that are publicly available anyway) would have cheapened what had grown into a much higher quality, family friendly, game than we knew we had on our hands at the time. http://goofans.com/faq/world-of-goo/getting-world-of-goo/wherewhat-profanity-pack

  20. John Evans says:

    Is there any chance I will be seeing a little inferno on the iPod App Store