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Human Resource Machine Coming Soon to Nintendo WiiU


MEMO TO ALL CITIZENS OF THE WORLD! Our hard working employees have been busy filling Human Resource Machine with as many puzzles and data boxes as possible.

And we’re now finally pleased to announce that Human Resource Machine will be available for Windows, Mac, and Nintendo WiiU on October 15, 2015. Other platforms TBD. (Update: European WiiU version will release a little later, more info soon.)

Platform Friends

In these last few remaining weeks, we’ll be eradicating any remaining bugs, and translating the game into all of earth’s many languages, thanks to our brave beta and translation project volunteers, pictured below, hard at work.



17 Responses to “Human Resource Machine Coming Soon to Nintendo WiiU”

  1. main_gi says:

    It’s like an increment or something.

  2. The release date is USA or European?

  3. James says:

    Excellent news! World of Goo and Little Inferno were such good fits for Wii and Wii U respectively.

    I have a question if you wouldn’t mind — will Human Resource Machine include pointer controls via the Wii Remote like Little Inferno did?

  4. eJybwcDAoMHTJanBU2kdz3+pKp6fZf4cgdw9sgLnLgOlGOYIdJVulu8qBbGfqlxTTFeRVU9Xueavqjo/

    That’s only one month out. Congrats! It’s gonna be heaps of fun. Good luck on launch!

  5. Beta Ninja says:

    Been checking my humblebundle prepay link almost daily. Still a month to go? Never been looking forward to a game like this before. Sure to be fun!

  6. Cody says:

    This is a Wii U download game, right?

  7. tuk says:

    Sounds nice. Can´t wait for this work….oh I mean “GAME”.

    Is there a chance that we will get some DLC für Little Inferno?

    greets, tuk

  8. RodSD64 says:

    I’ll buy this game on Wii U on Day 1! World of Goo and Little Inferno are part of my fondest gaming memories, so more from Tomorrow Corporation is nothing but great news. Keep up the goo work! You guys are [censored] awesome!!

  9. EGPYES says:


  10. EudGenius says:

    Will it be released on Android devices? ‘Cause it’s the most powerful device i have.

  11. grantmichgoldie says:

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