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Thanks to those loyal employees who’ve asked about the soundtrack for Human Resource Machine! Here’s the full soundtrack for the game, with most tracks expanded from their original short loops into full(er) length songs, each with a bit of new material.

synth1_ssWith this project, I tried to build the entire soundtrack using only one instrument – the freeware “analog” synthesizer Synth1. It’s a quirky, versatile, synth that can generate a wide rang of tones, from scratchy bass sounds, to voice-like sine waves, 80’s trumpets, and adorable bleeps and bloops. Almost everything you’ll hear on this soundtrack (and most of the sound effects in the game, including the boss’s speech sounds) come from this one synthesizer. There are 3 exceptions to this: the live cello (Jordan Price), the live guitar (Shalin Shodhan), and some percussion in a few of the tracks. All music programmed in Reaper.

You can find my World of Goo soundtrack here, and Little Inferno soundtrack here.

Thanks for listening, and happy programming!
Kyle Gabler



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How to get Human Resource Machine

Everything you need to know about Human Resource Machine is here.


Track List

01. Boot Sequence

02. Human Resource Machine

03. Welcome, New Employee

04. The Work Begins

05. The Data Won’t Collate Itself (with Shalin Shodhan on guitar)

06. Incoming Report

07. Authorities Are Investigating

08. You Will Be Evaluated

09. Status 01

10. See You On Monday

11. Coffee Time!

12. Midnight Petroleum (with Jordan Price on cello)

13. Your Five Year Plan

14. Elevator Shuffle

15. Status 10

16. The Machines Are Coming

17. Shutting Down

18. It’s Going to Change Everything!


(c) 2015